General Policies

Please read our General Policies carefully and completely. These General Policies apply to all product information, product purchases and product services and orders made either on-line using the World Wide Web system (Internet) by and through the auspices of DVDs4Less,, or communications directly through or to our DVDs4Less office by U.S. mail, email, shipments, telephone, fax, text messages or any other form of communication.

By placing a Work Order Authorization for Orders from DVDs4Less and "SELLER", customer "BUYER" agrees to be bound by the General Policies and Warranty Statement contained herein. Any attempt to alter, supplement, modify or amend the General Policies or Warranty Statement, will be considered as a material alteration of an Agreement between the Buyer and the Seller and, therefore, is void with or without notice to the Buyer or by the Buyer’s acknowledgment. In addition, these General Policies and the Warranty Statement are subject to change at any time, with or without prior written notice or any other form of communication to the Buyer. Please check and read these policies, terms and conditions and warranty statement carefully, each time, before placing an order or doing business with DVDs4Less, and

Technical Support

DVDs4Less, and shall not be responsible for providing misleading and/or what might be a misunderstanding of technical information, even if such misleading information or misunderstanding of technical information is intentional. Buyer should contact the original manufacturer, if any, or knowledgeable industry sources for assistance on issues related to compatibility, suitability, playback or any other technical questions.

DVDs4Less, and MAKE NO REPRESENTATION FOR MERCHANTABILITY for any product it provides, service or process, of a Warranty thereupon unless such Warranty is specified within these General Policies and/or within the Warranty Statement listed below under a different section of this DVDs4Less, and website.

Dvds4less, and maximum liability, in all circumstances, is limited to the actual material replacement cost. Material replacement cost shall not include any other cost or any other consideration, of any kind, including but not limited to creative, unusual, one-of-a-kind, emotional, historic, reputation or intrinsic value or production and/or marketing expense of the products and services “orders” received from buyer or sold by the seller, conveyed to and/or purchased by, the buyer or buyer’s agents or assigns.

Dvds4less, and shall not, under any circumstance, be liable upon a claim or action in contract, tort, indemnity or contribution, or other claims relating to the products it sells and service it provides which exceeds this maximum liability. 

Dvds4less, and shall not be liable for any third party claims for damages against the buyer, or for malfunction, delays, interruption of service, loss of business, loss or damage to exemplary damages, loss of buyer’s materials and/or collateral information and proprietary materials whether or not dvds4less, and is apprised of the possibility of such claims or damages.

Dvds4less, and shall not be responsible for any lost data, online errors, displaying errors, online page errors or any online processing errors that have been caused by software, computers or by human error or for any other reason even if such reason or human error is known to the seller prior to commencement of any transaction.

Dvds4less, and shall not be liable for any loss of buyers materials, masters, copies, graphic elements, emails or other communication of any kind or manner including but not limited to buyer’s proprietary materials due to technical error, human error or any other reason or cause regardless if such loss was or was not intentional or justifiable.

Dvds4less, and shall not be responsible for making incorrect and/or correcting spelling even if such corrections are erroneous, punctuation, color, positioning, fonts or any other errors or ommisions associated with customer-supplied graphics and/or media masters sent to dvds4less, and for duplication, inspection or review including, original graphics built and designed by dvds4less, and for the buyer or buyer’s agent or assigns which have been approved or assigned to in any manner by the buyer for use, inspection or review. Further, those buyer approvals are related to any printing, copies and duplication of the buyer's program provided for duplication.

Dvds4less, and shall not be responsible for audio fidelity, audio quality, audio intelligibility or mixing of sound tracks, video and video quality, resolution, image focus, colorimetry, program continuity, synchronization of audio with picture of the customer program or file including but not limited to errors and ommisions and misspelled words and or graphics contained on, within and to master program or file provided by customer, customer agents or assigns for duplication, inspection or review.

Dvds4less, and shall not be responsible for estimated turn-around times, (turn times), time estimates for processing each order and estimated delivery dates back to the buyer, buyer’s agent or assigns.  Estimated turn times and estimated delivery dates established in any form together with any delivery deadlines back to the buyer, agent or assign are estimated only and not guaranteed by the seller.

Estimated speeds of service are based upon business days excluding weekends and all holidays and are not guaranteed for speed of processing or return delivery back to the buyer, agent or assign from seller upon any estimated date, even if seller has provided buyer with an estimated time and/or date of delivery in writing or through any other communication.

Dvds4less, and shall not be responsible for duplicating or making copies of a latent technical error or a playback incompatibility embodied in the buyer’s master disc, media or file provided by the buyer, buyer’s agent or assigns for duplication, inspection or review by and to the seller.

Order Process Information, Requirements & Estimated Speeds of Service

Duplicated Orders made by Seller and/or master elements used to duplicate Buyer’s Order normally ship out within two business days after receiving Buyer’s order and materials to be duplicated, copied and printed excluding all holidays and weekends.

DVDs4Less, and may contact Buyer regarding the Order Buyer has placed and, for any reason, may hold Buyer’s Order for processing until such time as the Buyer has been directly contacted. If, for any reason, Buyer cannot be reached by Seller or does not respond to Seller, Buyer’s Order will be placed on indefinite hold and all work related to the Buyer’s Order shall cease.

DVDs4Less, and shall not be responsible for any on hold Orders for which the Seller may cause any additional delays, regardless of whether such delays are reasonable, intentional or justifiable.

It is the Buyer’s sole responsibility to make sure that all requested information for each Work Authorization Order or online INQUIRY is input clearly, completely and correctly.

Buyer may contact anytime during normally business hours (PST) or 24 hours through email or by calling our number (775) 323-0965 during normal business hours as listed on the Contact page.

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