DVD+R Dual Layer Duplication

All Prices Listed Below Include Free 3-Day USA Shipping dvd duplication service cheap

DVD+R is used to duplicate long form videos over 2 hours in length. dvd duplication service cheap

PRICES INCLUDE 8.5 GB DVD+R dual-layer white-top discs, disc burn (except print only), full color disc printing (except bulk burn or black print), disc packaging as shown and FREE 3-day USA Shipping on minimum quantities of 25 or more copies made from the same master recording. Any disc quantity may be ordered between the minimum and the next lower price level. Example, you may order any quantity between 25 and 49 discs at the 25-piece price level or any quantity between 100 and 199 discs at the 100-piece price level. dvd duplication service cheap

How To Order

Watch our short video and discover how easy it is to order your DVDs, CDs and Blu-Ray discs! dvd duplication service cheap

Important Features About DVD+R Dual-Layer Discs

DVD+R dual-layer discs are almost twice as large in capacity as a normal DVD. They are rated at 8.5 GB in size which means they will hold almost twice as much information as a normal DVD.

The dual layer disc has several layers including a protective layer to guard the tracks recorded underneath. DVD+R discs are highly regarded by the disc manufacturing community but that admiration does not particularly hold true for those who must duplicate and use the media.

A DVD+R disc can be written once. It has a dye substrate into which the laser burns digital information in pits. These discs have a slower burn speed and that is one reason why they lost popularity with many duplicators who prefer to turn out discs in high volume versus babysitting a slow burning disc.

Another feature that sets DVD+R DL discs apart from a standard DVD is their expense. Production-grade dual-layer discs cost well-over $1 apiece. That may not seem so bad until you learn that DL discs are more prone to failure during duplication than any other disc.

Compatibility between playback machines is another issue. All consumer DVD players do not like to playback dual-layer discs. They track differently than a standard DVD and at some point in the playback, the play head on the DVD player needs to switch from one track to the next because there are two (dual) playback layers. dvd duplication service cheap

Between the recording problems and the playback compatibility issues that make the ultimate consumer unhappy, you’ll seldom find professional duplicators jumping off a barn with their pants on fire to advertise dual-layer disc duplication.

At DVDs for less, we duplicate & print short-run dual-layer DVD-R media at bulk-rate prices including media printing. Our QC (quality-control) is stringent and many discs fail to pass our inspection. Between the initial cost of the media and the elevated failure rate during duplicating, the prices are right up there where angels fear to tread. When they do pass, however, they are an excellent disc suitable for playback. DVDs4Less has no problem duplicating dual-layer media because we know in advance of the high mortality rate.

We recommend to users that whenever possible, it is better to put a very long program onto two normal-length DVDs instead of using dual-layer discs. We’ve even devised a way to make two discs more affordable than a single dual-layer disc. Moreover, the perceived customer value of a 2-disc set (part 1 and part 2) versus one dual layer disc has its own marketing advantages.

Bottom line? If you have a choice to use either DVD-R or DVD+R, my advice is DON’T! Don’t even use small quantities of DVD+R if you have a work-around. It is more expensive to duplicate, it has known playback compatibility issues and duplicators willing to make dual-layer copies are few and far between. dvd duplication service cheap

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