Testimonials: What They Are Saying . . .

Thanks again for your service.  Expect to hear from me again next year when we need DVD copies made of our school’s spring “Peter Pan” show.
Barbara S.


I will definitely tell others about your business.  To tell you the truth, today was the first day I’ve look at the DVD copies you made.  It was a wonderful job – very clear.  Loved the graphic. I appreciate the quality and overall incredible value.  For schools like mine with very small budgets, the savings was a true blessing for us.
Londa H.


It has been a pleasure working with your firm. We will use you again in the future when we need to duplicate more CD’s. Thank you.
Best Regards,
George K


Our Honor Flight trip is next week on Oct. 2-4.  This year my husband and I are in charge of the whole trip, so you can imagine how busy we are right now.  I am excited and nervous at the same time.  I want the trip to be as perfect as possible for these gentlemen.  We have a great flight crew so I am sure it will be good. We look forward to working again with you this year making DVD copies of our trip to Washington D.C. After you met that crazy deadline the first year, I always know we can count on you to meet our deadline.
Elaine P.


I received and reviewed the DVD samples you sent.  The color is vivid just like last year and all looks good so here we go again.  Please move forward with the new order for 240 pcs. Please send me a Paypal invoice and I will have it paid ASAP.  The retailer needs these to arrive at the address below by the end of the month. Make sure they loop just like last year.
Dan B.


Hello Jim,
Thank you so much to everyone at DVDs4Less!  We appreciate your dedication and fast service.
Phorshia L.


Jim, you are a true blessing to us. We wish the best for you and your family and a Happy New Year. Your help with this is so much appreciated; it is always a pleasure working with you!!
Thank you so very much,
Paul M.


Thank you Jim!  You provide fantastic customer service. Thank you for all of your help.
Bob D.


I received the DVDs earlier this week. Thanks for the prompt service. You should hear from us again next year, too.
Marguerite P.


Sorry to bother you but I’ve been asked about the possibility of ordering more DVD’s.  You did such a beautiful job of the graphics that other class members asked if more could be ordered. They seemed to enjoy my music too.
Roger H.


I wish I could give you a nice order every single day or week.  If only all the other people that I deal with were as nice and accommodating as you are.  I’ll get a number together and let you know as soon as possible.  Have a wonderful day and week !!!!!  Thanks,
Terry L.


Just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work. Edwin and I can see how much you improved the video footage. We truly appreciate your dedication and devotion to making our project a success. We would highly recommend you to anyone who needs your service. Your professionalism is greatly appreciated.
Stacey J.


Hi there! Just a heads-up, I’m going to send three discs your way for duplication services. I’ve used your company a few times before and always love the outcome.
Taka O.


I would like 60 DVDs made called “Pt Vicente 5th Grade Slideshow”.  I don’t have artwork for the labels, so if you can just make them colorful (rainbow colors or confetti etc.) that would be perfect. Thank you for going out of your way to make this work. I will pass your company name on as a great duplication resource!
Thanks again!
Kathi C.


Thank you so very much. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your service and professionalism. I guess your staff knows I’m a talker. lol.
Carolyn J.


All blessings are a gift of Almighty God, and I rejoice in the fact that he directed me to your services.  I sincerely thank you for your patience and generosity in helping me with the graphics. I know that everyone is going to enjoy the DVD’s but I’m definitely convinced they are going to love the graphics.  God bless you and again I say thanks !!!!  Rest assured your services will be advertised to all the other churches.
Anthony T.


Hi, Jim,
I received the 200 Yearbook DVDs today. Thank you for the quick service. I look forward to working with you again.
Steve H.


I just got the DVDs and they look great. I didn’t think I would get them back so fast.
Shirley B.


Hey Tyler:
FYI, we downloaded your files, made more sub-master copies than the law allows, burned and printed your 400+ discs and we’re shipping them all back out tonight on the same day we started your order.
Thanks! You guys are the best!
Tyler L.


I have just discovered that I am missing all but two of my SKYFIRE air race videos (I have 99 and 00).  I am devastated. You guys always make such a great production and they’ve been a highlight for my dad and I to get each year before the holidays. Now, I need more copies!
Johnny G.


Your quality of service is what makes your company trustworthy. Your prompt responses to my emails made me feel comfortable to choose. There are companies close to my place but they are not responding to my inquiries fast. Some didn’t even bother to answer. Just keep your service that way and I am sure, you will soon be known all over in that industry.


Hello Sherry:
I received the DVDs and they look great! I am planning on sending you a Spanish version and a Clerical training DVD to duplicate as well.
Karisa R.


Thanks Jim!!
The ordering process has exceeded expectations.  I cannot wait to review the results, I am sure they are perfect.We will be ordering more copies in the near future and I am quite sure I will be able to refer more business your way.
Rob B.


Yes – we did receive them.  Everything looks great! Your website was easy to navigate, and the product is excellent.  Thank you very much!
Becky T.


The discs are here! Wow. Thanks for the speedy service.
Juli K.


Hope you are having a good day. You just made my day! Thank you for your quick turn around time. I want to use Paypal to pay you for your service. Do you Invoice or should I just send a payment of $74.50 to your email address?
Jeff S.


We just received the DVDs this morning. They look awesome!I wanted to thank you and your team for all of your help throughout this entire process.I’m sure that we will be working together in the future.
Emily H.


WOW out of 2.4 million duplication outfits I contacted two and you responded first …. it was your about us page that prompted me to follow-up.  Your background in broadcast to your current field of expertise in duplication and copy won my trust.  The customer reviews sealed the deal for me to give my business to DVDs4Less.  You have been wonderful to work with and hope to work with you again.
Fran L.


Sherry, thank you for the phone call and all the effort you and your husband have made for us.  Sending the order by US Mail this morning would be just fine. Thanks for all your hard work, we are truly grateful.
Glenn J.


The DVD’s arrived on Saturday and they look great!  Thanks for the fantastic job, your attention to detail and great follow through. Will be using you guys in the future and recommending you to others.
Manny G.


Thanks to everyone and especially Bob! Appreciate all the prompt customer service!
Keith K.


Good Morning…..
I’m sending you one DVD (about an hour) of a play that I shot on Saturday.
I need complete pricing by 3pm your time.
100 copies – paper sleeves
Will email you art for front of DVD
Couldn’t find anyone else who could turn copies this fast. Glad I found you.
Lance W.


Hi Jim!!
Thank you!! The dvd’s arrived today!! Perfect!! I couldn’t say enough good about y’all. I really appreciate your help!! I’m asking that the school and PTO hold onto your info to use your company again… Thank a million times over!!
Stanley D.


Thank you very, very much for ALL of your correspondence, help and kindness. I could not have asked for a better guy or company to be a partner on this job with. I will tell the school that they need to come back to you all when they need this yearly project completed. I have been so impressed!
Angela M.


Hi Jim,
You are correct on all counts:

1.Yes, please use the same artwork from 3 weeks ago.  I did double check the proof before I sent it back to you.
2.Correct you are making 400 total copies of one disc
3.Correct – I am sending two discs, just in case one is not good (I believe your website asks that 2 be sent and it’s a good idea)

– I do NOT want 400 of each, as they are the same and that would simply be too many.

I appreciate your speedy turnaround time and how easy it is to get the job complete.  I would love a little extra breathing room but it never seems to work out for me and therefore you.  However, by using our FedEx number you should be reducing our cost significantly as we are a good client for FedEx (as you can imagine). J
Have a great afternoon!
Stacy S.


When I wrote my email to you yesterday, I obviously wrote an hour too soon because the DVD’s showed up right after I wrote. Thank you so much. That was great to get them and so quickly. I only wrote because I was in Maine, which had no service last week, so I was double-checking that my approval email went though. It obviously did and you got to work. I appreciate your prompt attention to this project.
Thank you.
Brian K.


I can’t even get them back this fast here in New York without paying a king’s ransom. How can Nevada be cheaper and faster than down the street? I will spread the word!
Martin M.


Thank you for getting the project done in time. The DVD’s showed up right before the show opened and everything went seamless.
Jim B.


Thank you so much for the outstanding service that you provided for the DVD that Sharon sent to you. We were extremely delighted that the DVD’s unexpectedly showed up on June 3rd, just in time for graduation! I will, without a doubt, continue to recommend DVDs for Less in the future.
Lee Ann B.


Your service is unmatched and you guys were the only company that could pull off what we needed!  Your pick up/drop off is extremely convenient and the discs look professional and sound great. We appreciate your service and will recommend to others. We look forward to working with you in the future!  Thanks again!
Joshua W.


I want to thank you for the wonderful service we received.  You were more than helpful the entire time.  I had no idea how to convert my graphics to a usable format.  However, you made the picture look quite nice, with the fancy fonts to the clear bright picture.  The finished product looked quite professional.  If I need or know someone that needs duplication, I can guarantee you will be first on my list.
Thanks again for all your help.
Lindsay D.


I can’t tell you how much I enjoy using your company. Thank you! With any luck, I’ll be able to do the same for other schools soon, which will mean many more jobs per year for you.
Scott D.


I appreciate being kept in the loop and the great service! Thank you!
Rosalie B.


I have had very positive feedback in regards to the quality of the DVDs since you started reproducing them for us these past two years. And I must thank you for that and the fact that you stand by your product. We as a group are very fortunate to do business with you.
As Always,
Michelle N.



I received the DVDs and they look great!  I took one out to try it and it worked perfectly.  Thanks again!
Andy H.


Dear Jim,
I really, really appreciate you sending them via 3-day Express! The free shipping is very big in my book. The orchestra members were very excited to get their DVDs with the color picture printed on the front. A virtuoso!
Eric K.


You guys have to be the best!
Dennis D.


Thanks so much.  The service from DVDs4Less has been great and a huge improvement over the company we tried to use last time!
Luke J.


We certainly will keep using your facility for all our business.  Your prices and customer service are outstanding!
Harry S.


I received the DVDs in the mail today… Thank you so much for the quick turnaround.  I wasn’t expecting them until Tues. or Wed.  You guys are truly amazing and I will recommend you to anyone who asks.
Thank you so much!
Kathy E.


Hey Jim!

The whole transaction was smooth and easy. You complied with everything your site offered and you showed special interest in having everything work out well for us. Loved the first-time service and the quality. Good job!
Will definitely call you as soon as we get our next project/
Our best,
Alba R.


Thanks for the discs and your excellent service!  I wanted to let you know that one of the discs that you sent, the Latin American Fiesta, said master on it.  Do you have that on file?
Mary L.


Dear Mary:
We keep a MASTER disc of all customer work.  We accidentally burned two master discs so we sent an extra one back to you.  I’m glad you have all your discs and I genuinely appreciate the return business.  That is the biggest honor for us.
Kindest Regards,
Jim M.


Thanks! Can’t ask for quicker service! I will surely recommend you in the future and will use you again myself! I must compliment you on the kindness of you and your staff. You have been very easy to deal with and I appreciate it.
Daryn D.


The DVDs turned out great! They look very nice. Thank you so much for such a beautiful job! DVDS4Less has the best customer service!
Ramona Z.


It was sure wonderful working with your organization. You guys are on the top of my list for disc duplication.
Michael C.

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